Prior to 1991 till 1997, due to the robust economic growth of our country, many enterprisers and industriers encountered the tremendous shortage of workers which consequence an influx of illegal workers from the neighborhood countries into Malaysia.

The Malaysia government intervened to this critical problem by allowing the legalization of the illegal alien, but the shortage of the workers could not be alleviated yet. Many employers were unable to overcome this particular crisis under the prevailing condition.
In the year 1998, the Malaysian authority liberalized the Indonesian workers for the manufacturing sectors. But the employers had to bear the expenditure of more than RM1000.00 for each worker brought in. The foreign workers did not bear any costs. Thus, under such circumstances, the employers were always on the losing end due to the "Run Away" cases occurred so often, unsrumperous-working attitude of the workers due to no financial commitment, On top of it, the greatest ordeal to the employers was caused by many of the non-responsible acts from the Non Registered Local Manpower Agents. Many of them flee away with upfront deposit from the employers or to abandon new arriving workers with no mercy and vanished without a trace. This was an involvement of multi-millions dollar cheat!

Apparently at this stage, there was a need of change the trend in order to minimize the risks of the employers, thus, the transfer of the total costs from employer to the workers was implemented. All candidates wishing to work in Malaysia must register with their local appointed agents and subsequently charged a certain amount of handling fee at their own country.
The employers gradually do not need to raise any funds as an upfront to recruit workers. The onus is shifted for workers to come up with the cost of placement at their country origin. The sustained supply of quality workers from the sourcing countries are now at no cost to the employers.
Ever since the Seremban incident. The Malaysian government realized the importance of the figure balancing of foreign workers in the country. In 2002 Aug. 31st, termination of extension for working permit was in forced. All extension applications free zed except MLVK and CIDB program.

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